Artist feature - Diana Ordoyo Jan 18 2016

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Our featured artist today is another of our brilliant illustrators, Diana Ordoyo! Her character designs and fantastic illustrations make her work extremely attractive for our 5 years to young adult folio. We are very happy to welcome Diana to our Advocate Art family and are looking forward to seeing her work in our ever expanding children's portfolio. Have a look at her work on our website.

"Hello! My name is Diana and I was born in Logroño, a little city in the north of Spain. I spent there most of my childhood. I lived in the outskirts, surrounded by corn fields and near to an ostrich farm. 

I’ve always loved animation movies, and I’ve been drawing since I was a child. I’m mostly self-taught, but last year I attended a Character Design master, where I discovered I wanted to make a living of my drawings. I’d love to work as a designer for an animation studio, or even create my own comic. 

I began working digitally a year ago, and I’ve been doing it since. But I also enjoy drawing traditionally! I love to explore, and I can adapt to a lot of styles. When I work I really enjoy listening to soundtracks, mostly from videogames and movies."