Artist feature - Ellen Crenshaw Jan 19 2016

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We have some amazing new work to share today from our featured artist, Ellen Crenshaw! Her style is perfect for children's books and older fiction. Don't miss her illustrations for comic books and graphic novels at her online portfolio.

"I am a rotten Millennial, a product of the internet age but old enough to have used a rotary phone. Perhaps because of this, my work straddles digital and traditional media, and in process will often employ both. Chuck Jones and Bill Watterson were my first inspirations, and ever since I've aimed to infuse a sense of animation, wit, and emotion in my art.

I fell in love with comics as they are the perfect marriage of illustration and sequential storytelling. There’s nothing more satisfying than self-publishing a minicomic—from penciling and inking, to printing, folding, and stapling!

A Floridian at birth, and a Bostonian at heart, I now call the otherworldly state of California home. I do editorial and advertising illustration, as well as character design, storyboarding, and other designs for children’s media. I aspire to illustrate YA novels and picture books. When I’m not working, I can be found hiking with my husband and dog, playing games, or enjoying a dirty joke."