Artist feature - Kong Yew Wong Jan 19 2016

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Kong Yew Wong is our featured artist today and we love the retro-vintage look of his illustrations! His colour palette which combined with the use of texture and quirky lines makes his work ideal for children's books and greeting card designs.

You can see more at his online portfolio on Advocate's website.

“Nice to meet you... my name is Kong. I was born in sunny Kuala Lumpur, grew up in rainy Cardiff and now live in the quiet little town of Market Harborough with my lovely wife and two cats, Pierre and Baloo.  

My inspiration as a greetings card designer and illustrator is largely drawn from my 80s childhood, where my imagination was sparked by an early fascination of cartoons, video games and Lego. Characters have always excited me... If I wasn't playing with a Ninja Turtle I'd be drawing Disney characters... if I wasn't drawing Disney characters I'd be playing Super Mario... and if I wasn't playing Super Mario I'd be building giant mutant Transformers out of Lego... and if i wasn't doing any of that... I'd be falling asleep to the Beano.  In my adult life I still (try to) do pretty much the same except I now also play with yo-yos but unfortunately, so do Pierre and Baloo.

I very much enjoy creating personable characters of all shapes and sizes… and through whatever medium I can get my hands on.  My characters are brought to life by playful use of colour, texture and technique.  Other areas which excite me are lettering and typography... and nothing satisfies me more than seeing an engaging character complimented with the perfect lettered narrative.  

Besides print, I like to create actual physical things that you can hold in your hand. I love the challenge of translating characters into 3 dimensional forms along with their own little world… and then secretly playing with them at my desk when nobody’s watching.”