Artist feature - Ellie OShea Jan 22 2016

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Our featured artist today is Ellie Oshea! Ellie is one of our recently signed artists and and a wonderful addition to the Advocate Art family. Her illustrations are perfect for children's books. Don't miss her portfolio our website!

"Hi there, I’m Binny Boo, an illustrator and obsessive coffee drinker from Warwickshire! I LOVE to work on children’s illustrations and teaching art classes and the local primary school. My favorite thing in the world to do however is skiing and snowboarding. There’s nothing I love better than spending a whole day on the slopes and coming back to a cosy ski chalet. I love to try and include the mountains and snow in some of my illustrations too! Anyone who knows me also knows I have an obsession with small chubby dogs, especially pugs and frenchies! But alas, I have never been allowed to have one! My mum is my biggest inspiration as she always had me involved in anything arts and crafts based when I was growing up, and I don’t think I would be doing what I am today without them! I hope you like my work !"