Artist feature - Morena Forza Jan 25 2016

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We have another fantastic new artist we’d like to share today! Morena Forza has a brilliant portfolio full of lovely children's book illustrations. See more examples of her work at her online portfolio here!

“Morena Forza was born in 1984. She lives in Milan with her two cats and a hound dog but she secretly dreams about moving to the countryside, in the moor.

She really loves colours but all of her pets are in greyscale. 

She works as an illustrator specializing in the children’s market, with her work appearing in both trade and educational books, magazines, apps and digital media. 

Morena worked as a pixel artist between 2003 and 2008 so she learned to love the tiniest details in her drawings. She left in 2009 to pursue illustrating full time and she hasn’t stopped drawing since.

Likes: Great Britain (South West especially), Fashion History, chocolate, movies soundtracks, blogging about History of Illustration, French literature, long walks in the park with her dog.

Dislikes: spiders.”