Artist feature - Giulia Rivolta Jan 27 2016

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Giulia Rivolta is our featured artist today and she has a great portfolio with lots of brilliant illustrations for children's book. If you like the look of her work then you can see more at her online portfolio on Advocate Art's website.

"I was born in the countryside of North Italy in the mid 80’s, I was raised with good food, nature and cartoons. And Yet, a little more then 30 years later, these are still my favourite things!

Now my home is called London, and this is where I have been working as a game artist and illustrator for the past 7 years, during which I have had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects, from games, to movie trailers to children books. This experience has introduced me to big name clients such as Virgin, Sky Sport, the Oxford University Press, Playboy, The Sun...

I would describe my work as funny and bright, naive but cheeky, and definitely Disney’s inspired.

I am passionate about character and background design, storyboarding and animation, but I am looking forward to any artistic challenge!"