Artist feature - David Broadbent Jan 28 2016

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Today’s artist feature is David Broadbent one of our fantastic newly signed artists here at Advocate Art! David has some great designs for greeting cards and his characters are perfect for young fiction too! See more at his online portfolio!

"I was a difficult child, difficult to find; often disappearing into fields and woods, climbing trees, hunting for frogs, swimming in reservoirs, laying traps for shepards that sort of thing.

Growing up in Yorkshire allowed for this and probably accounts for my interest in wild things and hilly desolate spaces.

Fellow Yorkshireman Hockney was and is an influence in my work, I've never met the man. However i have met the Queen, at an art exhibition, perversely though she is not an influence on my work.

I have made my home Brighton town, having slowly gravitated in a southerly direction over the years, i am now restricted from travelling much further south by my fear of the sea and drowning in it. Here i reside with a wife, 2 small children and a nervous whippet. I can often be found cycling in, around and indeed upon the South Downs.

One could say i am obsessed by work, one could say that but one would be wrong, very wrong, my work is obsessed by me, it will not leave me alone, i can often be found trapped in my studio by it at ungodly hours. Pencils are very important to me, as is the computer and a combination of the two is usually how my illustrations are created which renders them flexible in most respects.

I have been an illustrator for around 14 standard years and hope that this will continue for at least another 14, after this i shall down tools dig a large hole and bury all associated things within it. Foxes may try to dig it all up and in some way attempt to replicate my career, and if they do then good luck to them.

I have recently illustrated books called 'Do nice, be kind, spread happy' and 'Be the change', ironically I am a deeply unkind individual and couldn't care less if you are 'the change' or not. My next book will be carrot based."