Artist feature - Oscar Galvan Feb 08 2016

Latest signings

Today we are welcoming one of our newly signed artists, Oscar Galvan and his brilliant illustrations! Oscar's portfolio is perfect for children's books. We know he will be a great addition to Advocate Art and a fantastic illustrator to work with. Have a look at his portfolio on our website.

"I was born and raised in Madrid. Actually, I´m still living here because I love Madrid. My pseudonym is Oscar Galvan and I won´t tell you my real name. Really, I was a great reader in my childhood and I fell in love with books like “The neverending story” or “Where the wild things are”. Later I was shocked with Japanese culture and specially Hayao Miyazaki. When I watched “Mononoke hime”, I realized I wanted to create my own fantasy stories and draw them.I have an annoying cat called “Nymeria” (Yes, that is like the warrior princess of “Games of Thrones”).

Her favourite hobby is attacking my hand when I am drawing.I usually mix traditional techniques and digital colours, because I want to get a warm style. I hope to get it! I really feel that my artwork must be fun and nice and fantastic like the stories that I read in my childhood."