Artist feature - Stef Murphy Mar 01 2016

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Meet one of our newly signed artists, Stef Murphy and her bright illustrations! Her fabulous characters are a welcome addition to the Advocate Art family and we are very excited to see how her portfolio will grow.

Keep an eye on her work here!

“I was born in London alongside my twin brother and partner in crime, Tom. 

When I was younger I was obsessed with Wallace and Gromit and it was right at the end of  ‘A Grand Day Out’ that I knew I had to be an artist. 

I have lots of inspirations but my greatest is my Dad. He would tell us the most hilarious make-up stories as kids and it encouraged me to get lost in my imagination. I used to have a pet rabbit called Stanley; he was a bit of a diva and would never sit still for a portrait.

I took a Foundation at Loughborough University and loved it so much that I stayed on to complete my degree in Illustration. I would describe my work as playful and witty. I approach each brief differently but I usually start by creating lots of different textures with rollers, sponges and brushes etc. Sometimes I even venture out into the garden to collect twigs, which are great for making scratchy beards.  

When I'm at the ideas stage I like listening to Tycho; it’s purely instrumental so it's easy to think. Then when I’m in the swing of something I have to ramp it up a gear and listen to something cheesy like ‘Born to be Wild’, which usually results in a lot of dancing and not much working.”