Artist feature – Michael Buxton Apr 19 2016

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For our artist feature today we're excited to introduce new artist Michael Buxton. His colourful digital illustrations and use of typography would be best suited for greeting cards and prints. If you'd like to see more of his work visit his portfolio. In his own words:

"Hi, my name is Michael and I’m a UK-based designer who's worked in the greeting card industry for over ten years. So I don’t get bored, I really enjoy trying my hand at different techniques and styles, but I’m always very happy working with characters and hand-drawn type. Humour plays an important role when I’m working on designs and if there’s any reason at all to draw weird monsters, I’ll take it. As well as cards, I also create t-shirt designs for various websites.

Most of my work is created digitally, but I always like it to feel playful and tactile, so I’ll usually begin by drawing out stuff before going anywhere near the computer. As I’m quite experienced, I tend to work quickly and have a very friendly and confident attitude when dealing with people.

In my spare time I’m a massive film nerd as well as having a love of reading, gaming and cooking. I also play various sports which stop me from becoming a human potato."