Artist feature - Rosario Battiloro May 02 2016

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We're happy to announce that here at Advocate we've recently signed new artist Rosario Battiloro! Rosario's work features adorable characters, vivid colours and engaging compositions would be perfect for children's books. To see more of her work, visit her Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in Naples, a beautiful city in the south of Italy, where I still currently live.

I've always loved drawing and since I was a little girl my favorite pastime during the long summer days was playing around with pencils, markers, brushes and gouache to create my little and colorful world.

It was since then that I decided to become an illustrator growing up. I graduated at the Fine Arts Academy in Naples and then took three years of illustration classes and in 2011 started working as a freelancer illustrator for publishers and private clients all around the world.

I love to mix the warm feeling of the traditional media with the bright and intense colors of digital in my work, but I also love the simple and delicate contrast of black and white pencils lines or the freshness of watercolours.

I love stories in every form therefore in my free time I read books and watch movies, two big sources of inspiration for my art.

I drink too much tea and my dream is to have a little home studio in the English countryside and a pet fox!"