Artist feature - Alex Roach May 10 2016

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Alex Roach is our featured artist of the day! With her versatile styles, she's great for many projects - her characters would work particularly well on greeting cards and her patterns for products. To see more of Alex's work visit her Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in York where I grew up on a turkey farm, therefore many summers were spent hatching baby chicks and chasing after turkeys! After school, I went away to Uni, then spent some time traveling in the years after but eventually found myself back in Yorkshire.

Growing up I had a fantastic art teacher at school that really encouraged painting and printmaking and she was a major influence in pursuing a design career. Another personal inspiration is my one year old son, Sam; we spend a lot of time reading books with some amazing illustrations and I find myself driven to design work he would like.

My arts education continued when I went on to do a textile design degree at Nottingham Trent with a specialization in embroidery. However, after numerous accidents involving my fingers and sewing machines I realized print was for me. When to comes to my artwork, the majority is computer generated but it hugely depends on the brief and I really enjoy sitting down with paints and crayons when a project requires it. I would love to one day have my own screen printing studio in the garden, but my husband is a major shed lover so he’s currently taken ownership of that space. Although he doesn’t admit it, I think it’s just an excuse to get some peace and quiet away from Sam and I."