Artist feature - Richard Tilbury May 11 2016

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Happy to announce one of our newest talents her at Advocate, Richard Tilbury! His work is highly detailed and his compositions packed with action, which is why he'd be great for older and real styles. Check out his portfolio to see more! In his own words:

"My name is Richard Tilbury and I currently work as a freelance concept artist, illustrator and matte painter as well as storyboarding music videos. 

Much of my work in the last two years has revolved around TV commercials, advertising, short films and the music and games industry.

I studied Fine Art as a student degree before embarking on an MA in Computer Animation, which introduced me to a digital way of working.

Following this I was offered a job in the games industry where I worked as both a texture and character artist. Over the years I have been involved with numerous publications in book and magazine format as well as running workshops and offering tutorial based lectures to students.

I have had the opportunity to work on both mobile and console titles during my career together with providing concept work for VFX and Post Production studios."