Artist feature - Caroline Bochud Jun 02 2016

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And yet another great artist is joining our ranks at Advocate! Caroline Bochud is a new artist who brings a plethora of talents and a knack for scientific and natural illustration which is why she'd be perfect for older and real styles. A few of her illustrations are featured in our slideshow but we also encourage you to check out her Advocate portfolio.

"When I was young, my favourite children’s books were the ones with many small illustration details. A good example is Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever, which has illustrations that still inspires me. My three young children also love this book.

I was born in a small town close to the Saint-Laurent River, near Québec City, Canada in 1980. Since I was five years old, I have always enjoyed drawing and being outside in nature. My current hobbies are hiking and photography of the coast.

I first studied biology at university. I then built up a certificate in scientific illustration at the Visual Art Faculty. My goal was to merge my two passions and to tell the story of nature and sciences. As a nature artist, I have participated in various exhibitions in Québec. I primarily work with digital mediums but always initiate my art from pencils sketches. I am also very interested in using pastels as a medium.  My artwork reflects the variety of life and awareness for conservation. Rainette Illustration is recently my personal trademark, dedicated to these little frogs that are endangered species in Québec province."