Artist feature - Albert Pinilla Jun 03 2016

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We're on a roll with signing great new artists here at Advocate, and our latest addition is the talented Albert Pinilla! Albert's unique style and use of negative space would be perfect for children's books, more specifically in the age range of 0-5 years. Want to see more? Visit his Advocate portfolio!

"My name is Albert Pinilla and I was born in Barcelona in 1984. Since childhood have had a strong interest in drawing. In my free time I drew and in school I filled the margins of my notebooks with doodles. When I finished school I studied graphic design at Industries Grafiques Antoni Alguero then I studied ceramics a Escola d'arts i Oficis and sculpture at La Llotja.

Later I worked as a graphic designer and also as a personal assistant in schools. Currently I work full-time as an illustrator. have been working for publishing companies in Finland, Spain and the U.S. I do mostly children's book illustrations, doing the sketches by hand and colouring them with the computer, with a technique that makes the result look like handmade. After work spend time with my two daughters, my partner, friends and my piano."