Artist feature - Annie Wilkinson Jun 03 2016

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New artists galore at Advocate Art! Right now we draw our focus to Annie Wilkinson, one of our recently signed artists. Annie's work is colourful, delightful and varied - in fact, her work is applicable for a variety of categories, including: 0-5, Christmas designs, greeting cards and art for products! See more of her work in her Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1996 to a family that encouraged artistic pursuits of all kinds - including writing, drawing, photography and music. At the age of 21 I went to Vancouver with the band I was in, in order to find a new drummer (we would eventually go through eight before disbanding). I had not considered being an illustrator in spite of drawing my whole life, but now that I'm doing it I cannot imagine any other job I'd like to do more.

The artwork I produce is created digitally using my iPad Pro, either with native apps or as a graphics tablet, and I am interested in juxtaposing traditional looking elements with purely digital elements to create something that looks new. My work is constantly evolving.

When I'm not drawing or pouring juice for my two kids, I play in a few bands with good friends, when the socialising is as important as the playing together. Lastly, in order to clear my head of everything else, I love to engage in a weekly game of ice hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer."