Artist feature - Betowers Jun 03 2016

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We're so happy to announce that Advocate will be adding the extremely talented Betowers to our roster! With her electric colors, enchanting characters and lively compositions, she's perfect for 0-5 years as well as art for products. Above you'll see a few examples of her fabulous work, but also make your way over to her Advocate portfolio to see more!

"I was born in Ciudad Real, Spain in 1988. Growing up, I was always surrounded by crayons and pencils, preparing potions with penmarker's ink imaging that I was a little witch. Obviously, after reading The Witches by Roald Dahl I've been interested in magical and creepy characters.

I was fortunate enough to study art starting at age sixteen, but it wasn't until my last year at university that I realized being an Illustrator was a viable career option for me. I like to draw charismatic character that children can emphasize with by using humour and powerful colours.

If I wasn't making art, I think I'd be a teacher or social worker. Outside of making my art I really enjoy making craft toys and cinema. I love listening to rockabilly and surf rock while I work and of course being near my partner in crime, Piña, my wild and sweet cat."