Artist feature - Catherine Pearson Jun 03 2016

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We're on a roll here at Advocate with signing great new artists, and Catherine Pearson is our newest addition! Catherine's colourful and fanciful illustration, along with her strong character design would be great for 5 years to young adult. Her stye would also lend itself to greeting cards and Christmas designs. To see more of her gorgeous work visit her Advocate portfolio.

"My name is Catherine Pearson, I was in born in 1992, in Lausanne, Switzerland where I graduated from Ceruleum Art School in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration. Presently I'm a freelance illustrator and my weapons of choice when I'm creating art are gouache for paintings and a tablet for digital work.

I've always loved to draw and paint ever since I was a child. My poor Mum knew she was dealing with an artist when she had to watch Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again with me. I was so fascinated as to how one person could bring to life a whole new magical and unique universe! So I wanted to create that magic too, and that's how I made my first step towards being a career artist.

If I wasn't in the arts I would've loved to be in Advertising or Publicity. I've lived all my life in the country side of my hometown and my dream is to explore other places and move to a big like London, New York or Montreal. I'm always looking for new challenges and adventures in order to gain more experience and improve my skill set."