Artist feature - Sarah Allen Jun 03 2016

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Wow! We're loving new artist Sarah Allen's work here at Advocate! Sarah's delightful images show off her clear talent in pattern making and the decorative arts, which is why she'd be great for art for products and Christmas designs. Interested? Check out more of her work by visiting her Advocate portfolio. In her own words:

"I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and graduated from Ballarat University’s BA Visual Arts (Drawing) program. In 2010, after a decade working as a web designer in Australia, I moved to Laos and worked in roles supporting local handicraft producers. Inspiring surroundings and experiences led me to start daily drawing again.

I am now back in my home town, Melbourne, Australia and working as a freelance illustrator and designer. My artwork is characterised by unique colour palettes, patterns and texture and has a happy, slightly mid-century vibe. 

I always start my projects with lots of drawing, by hand, before compiling finished pieces in Illustrator or Photoshop. Hand-painted elements and textures are making their way in to my art more and more."