Artist feature - Teresa Bellon Jun 03 2016

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We're happy to announce we've added yet another talented new artist to Advocate Art, Teresa Bellon! Teresa brings a unique style to the table which uses quirky characters and a sophisticated colour palette - making her suited ideally 0-5 years children's books. If you're interested in seeing more of her delightful work visit her Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in Albacete, Spain in 1987. I had a few years wandering about life; I was studying different things and doing drawings just for Mom and Dad, until I finally accepted my fate and took a Illustration Course in Madrid. As a result, I began working for national and international clients and had several exhibitions.

My drawings mainly reference Portuguese and Nordic illustrators of children's books. My drawings have a touch of naiveté, reduced ranges of colours and simple compositions.

I don’t stay at home waiting for inspiration - I set out to find it. So I travel, buy illustrated books and walk a lot in Madrid."