Artist feature - Valentina Fontana Jun 03 2016

Latest signings

We're please to share Valentina Fontana today, one Advocate's latest signings. Valentina's work all share whimsical characters and detailed compositions, as well as the ability to straddle fine art and children's illustration, making her work great for 5 years to young adult. If you'd like to see more (who wouldn't?) visit her Advocate portfolio.

"I am an Italian illustrator who loves working both traditional and digital. I was born in Verona in 1993 but studied illustration and character design in Florence, where I currently live. I guess I seem like the classic artist who loves reading or watching a good movie with a cup of tea; and who has two cats and a messy studio full of pencils, unfinished sketchbooks and sheets but who also likes to tidy it all up, once a week (or a month).

In my drawing I find an inner peace doing all the tiny details, so elements like houses and flowers, or just mixing pencil and digital finding something new, are the best expression of my passion. In my artwork I always try to draw the feeling first and this is thanks to all I learned in the years spent here in Florence.

If I wasn’t an illustrator I would probably be a real estate agent, since in the last two years I searched and found houses for my classmates, more than a normal person normally would do. But luckily I didn’t stop drawing and so found myself."