Artist feature - Yanella Ahumada Jun 13 2016

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Our latest featured artist is Advocate's very own Yanella Ahumada. Yanella implements a traditional style with a modern palette to create stunning pieces; we think she'd be best suited for children's books. If you'd like to see more of her work visit Yanella's Advocate portfolio.

"My name is Yanella Ahumada Canabes and I live in Chile with my two children who always refresh my style and my way of viewing life.

I studied Graphic Design in the Valparaiso University, which I was drawn to based on my interest in drawing; it was there that I learned to give an image a life of its own. I march to the beat of my own drum, collaborating on different projects where it's incorporate my images with a universal language.

I like to walk, climb hills, have great conversations, listen to music when I draw, and create a scene. I enjoy putting personal gestures on my characters as well as convey emotions with their expressions. I like to play with colours and ideas others can empathise with."