Artist feature - Maurizio Simonini Aug 08 2016

Meet the artists

Here at Advocate we pride ourselves on signing the best of the best, Maurizio Simonini being no exception. His photorealistic creations we feel would be best suited for 5 years to young adult and older and real styles. See more of his arresting work by taking a peek at his Advocate portfolio. In his own words:

"I was born in a small town a few kilometers from where I currently live now, the city of Milan, in Italy.

I always wanted to be an artist. From a very early age, I can remember watching my father painting and being totally fascinated by it. My first painting was created using one of his still life sketches.

In my teenage years, I was a huge fan of UFO’s, robots and consequently, manga series exploring these themes like Mazinger. During that period, I started drawing a lot, copying those amazing robots I’d seen in the series and then also creating my own characters and even a comic series.

I graduated with a degree in Painting from Brera, Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and I also studied Illustration for one year at the School of Applied Art “Castello Sforzesco”. More than 500 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci painted the ceiling of a room in the Castle, which was a great source of pride, being Da Vinci one of my inspirations.

The last few years I started to explore digital painting and video as well and I engaged in a few projects such as creating illustrations for a Young Adult’s book series. I am totally thrilled by new art-related challenges and experiences and I hope to produce work that is pleasant to see as much as it pleases me to create it."