Artist feature – Sara Ugolotti Sep 15 2016

Meet the artists

Here at Advocate Art we host a diverse range of artists, each whom have distinctly unique talents. Sara Ugolotti is our latest signee, and with her portfolio brings a fresh style to our roster. Sara's fanciful images and gorgeous, florid details make her perfect for an audience of 5 years to young adult. To see more of her art, visit her portfolio.

"I was born in 1988 near Reggio Emilia, Italy and since I was a child I have always loved drawing. In 2012 I obtained a bachelor degree in Architecture at the University of Parma.

In 2015 I took a degree in Illustration at the International School of Comics in Reggio Emilia with excellent results. From the end of the school I have been working on myself trying to find out my personal illustration style and working and learning in digital painting as autodidact. I made some illustrations for magazines and children’s book and i currently work as an illustrator in a collective of artists named “Le Sirene Research”.

I won many international illustrations competions and my illustrations have been selected for exhibitions in Italy, Holland, Germany, Belgium, UK and China.

I currently live and work in Parma with my boyfriend and our french bulldog Murphy."