Artist feature - Cesar Samaniego Sep 16 2016

Meet the artists

We're proud to announce that artist Cesar Samaniego has recently joined the Advocate Art family! Cesar's eclectic bunch of characters and knack for creating arresting compositions make him an excellent match for 5 years to young adult. Be sure to check out his portfolio for an expanded look at his work; he describes himself below:

"I was born in Barcelona on 1975. I grew up smelling my father’s oil paints and reading his comics and illustrations. But until I met my wife I didn’t realise that I wanted to be an illustrator. So then, I went to Llotja Arts and crafts school and graduated with honours on 2010. Since then, I published ten books, worked on textbooks for schools, interactive books, as a layout artist for the second season of Angry Birds Toons and as a designer for my own children's clothes trademark.

Now I live in Canet de Mar, a small town on the coast of Barcelona with my wife, my daugther, five cats and a lovely dog.

Some of my clients include: Editorial Planeta, Parramón Ediciones, IClassics Collection s.l., Oxford University Press, Ediciones SM, Storfisk S.L, Editorial Vicens Vives, Edicions Cadí, La Tortuga Casiopea, Diari Avui,, CEAC, Oxford University Press."