Artist feature - Marc-Etienne Peintre Oct 11 2016

Meet the artists

Marc-Etienne Peintre joins us a a new artist for Advocate. Marc-Etienne's gorgeously rendered characters and style suit a variety of media, but we feel he's best suited to the 5+ age range. To see more of his work visit his Advocate portfolio.

"My name is Marc-Etienne. I was born in Troyes, France.

I then moved in Lyon where I studied Illustration at Emile Cohl school, I now live in Paris where i work as a freelance illustrator.

I think sitting too close from the TV watching Cartoon network when I was a boy, is what got me into drawing. But it’s my teenage skaboarding years that really drew me into illustration, enjoying the work of people such as Jeremy Fish and Evan Hecox.

I like to draw colorful and humourous scenes with playful characters.

I worked for several advertisement campaigns but I really like magazines’ related work as well as children’s books illustrations because it allows me to have a more offbeat approach and funnier results.

In the world we live in working with computer graphics is a must, but i also enjoy a more hands on approach for my personal work. For example I really like watercolour but I also use linocut for its raw and simplistic result."