Happy Thanksgiving from Advocate! Nov 24 2016


With Advocate Art Inc. celebrating it's 2nd year as an incorporated US company this year, we thought it apt to celebrate a quintessentially American holiday, Thanksgiving! Featured in the above slideshow is art featuring the symbols, cuisine and Autumnal fuzzy friends we associate with the holiday.

We're very excited to share this collection with you, and pleased to show off a broad range of talent including Victoria Nelson, James Newman Gray, Valerie Greeley, Marco Marella, Erica Salcedo, Nikki Dyson and Xenia Pavlova. Each image is captioned with the artist, and should you want to see more of the work you can do so by clicking the link attached to their names above.

We wish everyone reading a Thanksgiving filled with warmth, family, friends and of course, delicious food!