Artist feature - Adriana Santos Jan 11 2017

Meet the artists

Here at Advocate we're always looking for new talent, and artist Adriana Santos is no exception! Her colorful and playful style is perfect for picture books for 0-5 years. If you'd like to see more of Adriana's work, visit her newly uploaded Advocate portfolio.

"I was born in Seville, a beautiful city in the south of Spain, and I currently live in a small town nearby. I studied Fine Arts at Seville University and after working as a graphic designer for almost twelve years I decided to pursue my interest in illustration. I've had this dream since I was a child when I would spend most of my time between books and crayons. It was a great decision!

I love saturating my work with good mood, playful banter, hidden details, vibrant colours and a little bit of tenderness. I usually like to mix the warm feeling of the pencils and pen with the bright and intense colours of digital in my work. 

In my free time, I read books and hang out with my children: two big sources of inspiration for my work. I simply adore what I do and I always say that there is never a dull moment."