Artist Feature - Jose Rubert Feb 07 2017

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We're so excited to announce that Jose Rubert is now an Advocate artist! With an ability to create comically detailed art, he is perfect for 5 years to young adult designs, we're sure that he will make a fantastic addition to the Advocate family and we can't wait to see what's next. To find more of Jose's work visit his Advocate portfolio.

"I'm YAYU (Jose Mª Rubert). I was born in Barcelona, Spain, 35 years ago. I cannot remember myself without a pencil in my hand. I've learned all I could by my own, and then studied for 3 years at Escola Joso in Barcelona, a good comic and illustration school.

When I was a kid I loved all kind of comics and cartoons, I was a great fan of Akira Toriyama's work, who I can consider my main style influence (though I have learned to move forward to find my own style). My artwork is mainly orientated to children, I can draw about anything but children style is what really makes me happy, as I laugh a lot while I work, trying to feel like a kid.

I've worked on some children books for Greece, and also as an inker for Disney comics in Denmark, Netherlands and France. I'm actually working on the part II of my first long comic-book PROKS (part I was published in 2015) and also as a professional inker for a couple of studios in Barcelona.

I like A LOT travelling and taking long walks in the forest with my dog, but I also like to just watch a movie petting my cats."