Artist feature - Karen Smith Apr 18 2017

Meet the artists

At Advocate we not only represent illustrators, but fine artists and photographers as well, which is why we're very excited to announce Karen Smith will be joining the Advocate team! Karen's work displays a simple elegance and mastery of digital manipulation, which is why it'd be great as posters and prints. To see more of Karen's work, please take a look at her online portfolio.

"Karen is a digital artist who has undertaken various freelance commissions for a variety of clients - mainly music media artwork and advertising - and art licensing agencies for the past five years. She has also exhibited some of her early work in local art galleries and outlets.

Having experimented with dozens of styles and trends, she feels her strength and flair as an artist lies in commercial art decor, particularly involving shapes and texture, and, as such, has developed an art portfolio reflective of this."