Jo Parry visits the Surbiton Office for our May Artist Day! May 10 2017


At the Advocate Surbiton office we were in for quite the treat today - our very own Jo Parry stopped by for a visit for our latest Artist Day! Jo was spotted at Bournemouth Art College during the Summer of 1997, and has been with Advocate for 20 years (and she just gets better and better!) Here she's pictured against our "tip of the iceberg" mural; she's the lovely lady 4th from the left following Lauren, Caroline, Natasha and flanked by Ed (holding Kate on the laptop!) and Maria on the right. 

If you're interested in Jo's work (as you should be, because she's simply fabulous!) don't hesitate to visit her online folio. Our next artist day is scheduled for June 29th, so if you're one of our artists (or are interested in joining the agency) and want to attend, don't hesitate to reach out to Maria at [email protected]