Surtex, NSS and Blueprint in Review May 30 2017

Licensing Trends

Once again, Advocate agents attended Surtex, the National Stationery Show and Blueprint, which was all in once a success and delight. We started the week by hosting a few of our clients in our office for meetings (which included all the bells and whistles of tasty treats and colorful bunting). Afterwards we made sure to stop by Blueprint, which is having increasing influence over the trade show circuit to spot the latest trends!

During the show itself our agents racked up over 20 meetings with clients new and old, which was a treat! We absolutely love meeting face to face and showing off our latest available work, so you can imagine we had a fabulous time. We also enjoyed the added pleasure of spotting a few of our artist's cards on the floor (namely Gareth Williams and Lara Skinner's work), as well as the knowledge that our own Kathryn Selbert was nominated for a Louie Award in the Mother's Day category!

Click through above to see some of the highlights of the show, as well as a sneak peak of our latest folios and Kathryn's card. If you're interested in seeing our folios but weren't able to meet us at the show, don't hesitate to reach out! We'd love to meet in person and show all the brand new available art we briefed out ahead of Surtex, and if you can't meet we'd be more than happy to send a pdf.

Here's to a great Surtex 2017 and to an even better one in 2018!