Artist feature - Jhonny Núñez May 31 2017

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Wow! We're ecstatic to announce that illustrator Jhonny Núñez has joined the Advocate team, and brings along with him his many talents and his masterful portfolio! Jhonny's saturated and expressive characters are perfect for the 5 year to young adult age range, and we think specifically book covers, infographics, non-fiction and classroom materials! Interested in seeing more? Don't hesitate to visit his online Advocate folio.

"Jhonny Núñez is a graphic designer and illustrator, born in southwestern Colombia and now based in Russia. He has gathered experience all around the world, studying at the Institute of Fine Arts of Cali, the Academy of Professional Drawing, the design school Joso Tarragona and Scola. He is the captain of a ship called Jhonny Núñez - STUDIO, a modest space that provides graphic design and illustration services to international agencies like BBDO Sancho, Charlot Enterprise, Amazon and many others. He has had the opportunity to work for prestigious brands like Microsoft, Unilever, Postobon, Norma, Victorinox, WeTransfer and others. Amongst his professional awards are five Behance Appreciation YDB Award and a prize.

Now you know a little about him, know that he is always at your service!"