Jeannine Rundle publishes her 3,500th image with Advocate! Jun 05 2017


We received a rather pleasant surprise from Advocate artist Jeannine Rundle recently - she published her 3,500th image with an Advocate reference number! Jeannine joined the Advocate team back in 2008 and has been an absolute joy to work with ever since! Her latest image features a funky patterned pigeon and chick with a Christening Day occasion in mind. She mostly creates work for greeting cards, but also dabbles in creating art for products, ceramics and jigsaws and for posters and prints.

See the 3,500th image above as well as a few more examples of Jeannine's work (and her expansive range of multiple styles!), and as always if you'd like to see even more of her fabulous art don't hesitate to visit her online folio.