Artist feature - Kate Davies Jun 06 2017

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We're lucky here at Advocate that we're always receiving submissions from a slew of talented illustrators, and Kate Davies in particular stood out - so we signed her! Kate's sweet characters, traditional style and very detailed backgrounds we think make her work ideal for jigsaws puzzles specifically, but it would also be great for a variety of other mediums. To see more of her lovely illustrations, please visit her Advocate portfolio.

"Kate lived in South India as a child and thinks this gave her a love of strong colour, and curry.

She studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art and has worked as an illustrator ever since. She has also lived in the Bath area ever since, and enjoys life in a small village where she joins in as much as she can.

She goes on walks with her small dog, plays guitar and sings, tries to play piano, loves gardening and collecting stuff, and is helping her husband build a small cottage. Kate works mainly in watercolour - she takes local scenes and creates a world of whimsy by introducing anthropomorphic characters into them. She has worked in many aspects of Children's Book publishing, and this is where the journey has taken her - so far."