Available art and available artists featured in our latest publishing folios! Jun 12 2017


We're excited to announce that thanks to our very talented artist and fabulous agents, we've just released our newest publishing folios! These folios contain over 350 new (and available) pieces we briefed out from our artists specifically for this release, which means there was over 2,800 hours of work put into them!

Our philosophy at Advocate is always to promote new, available work and new, available artists, and we're delighted to say our latest folios went above and beyond this goal. You can rest easy in the knowledge that when you flip through nearly every feature image is a new, available idea specifically created with this publication in mind. Not only that, but it's chock full of great new talent as well as our established artists creating inspiring new work and developing their own styles.

Above you can see photos of our lovely new books, as well as a sneak peak of a few of the spreads. These four books cover the gamut of illustration - our Bright and Beautiful folio features art primarily for board books, our 0-5 targets the next step up; Middle Grade features a plethora of talented artists who bring a variety of styles for ages 10+, and finally our Clever Clogs folio features styles suited for infographic, non fiction, and higher end picture books.

Want to see more? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We'd love to arrange for a meet to show you the books in person - we have agents in New York, London and Marbella all on stand by. We hope to see you soon!