Marcela Calderón illustrates Wilbur the Whale and Me and designs adorable plush toy! Jul 13 2017

Samples and spotted

We are pleased to announce that Jellycat's book, Wilbur the Whale and Me, written by Charlotte Christie and illustrated by one of our fabulous artists, Marcela Calderón is now available!  The story was created after an existing character, "Wilbur Whale." Marcela Calderón has also designed an adorable plush toy, "Me," to go along with the whimsical story.  Join Wilbur Whale for an adventure and a splash in this exciting "tail" of two friends as they cross the ocean and battle a scary monster! This beautifully illustrated story is perfect for ages 0-5

Stay tuned for Marcela Calderón's next project with Jellycat