Artist Feature - Valeria Issa Aug 31 2017

Meet the artists

We are absolutely ecstatic about sharing the wonderful work of Valeria Issa with you!  She has just recently signed with Advocate Art and we couldn't be happier.  Her adorable illustrations are sure to bring a smile to your face and might even spark a little giggle.  The sweet and smiley characters in her work are perfect for children ages 0-5.  To see more beautiful illustrations by Valeria, check out her online Advocate artist portfolio.  Stay tuned for more!

"Valeria Issa was born in Rome but lived in a tiny nearby village for most of her childhood.  She studied Character Animation and Digital Illustration at Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. Straight after graduating she moved to London and realized she wanted to pursue her interest in illustration.  After all, she couldn't stay away from her pencils and sketchbooks! She loves portraying children and animals in humorous situations and using bright, captivating colors. She takes inspiration from everything and everywhere around her, which defines her style and creativity.  She loves chocolate and cats, messy doodles, and when it rains at night.  When she is not working, Valeria can be found writing short stories, watching movies, and trying new recipes in the kitchen!"