Meet the New Advocate Agents Sep 28 2017

Meet the agents

Here at Advocate Art, we are excited to be bringing on new and talented artist agents to the Advocate team, allowing us to grow and expand as an agency! Sophie, Courtney and Imogen are excited to be working with our diverse group of great, available artists!

Sophie, who works at the UK office, previously worked as an in house designer and freelance illustrator.  Her experience as an artist and designer gives her a unique perspective as an agent.  Sophie, who continues to paint and draw, said that she is "continually inspired by the new and exciting work created by our incredible artists here at Advocate."

Also working from the UK office, Imogen studied English Literature at the University of Sussex.  She is also a highly skilled artist and photographer, giving her a well rounded knowledge and understanding of creative practices. Combining these two fields, Imogen perfectly fits into our team here at Advocate and is happy to have found a place where she can marry her two passions!

Courtney, who has recently joined our New York office, studied Art and Art History at Washington College.  After graduating, she interned at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and then worked for a year selling art onboard cruise ships! With her background in fine art and sales, Courtney is hoping to expand Advocate's market for photography and wall art.  

To meet the rest of the Advocate team, check out our newly updated About Us page!