Hurricane Irma Leaves a Big Mess Oct 15 2017


Advocate recently welcomed back agent Courtney from her trip to Miami, FL where she saw first hand the damages of Hurricane Irma while helping her family clean up in the aftermath of the storm.  As a Miami native, Courtney has seen her fair share of hurricanes and the damage that follows them.  Hurricane Irma, however was a whole new monster, bringing with it 4+ feet of storm surge and 140 mph gusts of wind. When she returned to the office after a week of clean-up, agent Courtney said she’s “never seen Miami quite like this.  It was surreal to think all this damage could come from a single storm. My family was very lucky to have minimal damage.”  Although her family’s home withstood the hurricane force winds, much of the surrounding area was completely flooded, littered with trees and debris, and many of the homes were without power for several days, even weeks, after the storm.  

We are happy to know that Courtney’s family and friends are safe. However, in the wake of several deadly and devastating hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma and Maria, many families are still left without food, water, shelter and power. To see what you can do to help, visit the American Red Cross site