Bug Club Wins Educational Publishing Award Oct 17 2017


We were absolutely thrilled to catch wind of fantastic news about our talented artists, Yishan LiEmiliano MigliardoSteven Wood, and Jon Davis who were commissioned to work on a project with Pearson. The book series, Bug Club Plays to Read, consisting of 36 short plays, won this year's best Primary Adaptation from Educational Publishing Awards Australia

Founded in 1993, the Educational Publishers Awards has been in existence for 24 years.  Each year, the Australian Publishers Association recognizes "excellence and innovation in the industry" with a selection of awards.  To learn more about the prestigious awards, visit the Educational Publishing Awards Australia website.  If you're interested in getting your little one hooked on the Bug Club Plays to read book series, they're all available to purchase from Pearson!

We represent hundreds of great, available artists who are keen to work on new and exciting projects so if you have something in the works, feel free to reach out to us! Also, be sure to check out more work by Yishan LiEmiliano MigliardoSteve Wood, and Jon Davis on their Advocate artist portfolios!