Artist Feature - Okan Bulbul Nov 02 2017

Meet the artists

Do a double take at this stunning artwork - it may appear quite painterly, but in fact, Okan Bulbul, our newly signed artist, works digitally!  This passionate artist originally studied engineering, convinced by his parents that it would lead him to a more fruitful career.  However, Okan's heart always found its way back to art.  Now an accomplished artist, Okan creates absolutely gorgeous artwork for children's books, especially for children 5 and up.  He has also been commissioned to paint portraits and scenery as he is able to create extremely realistic workOkan is quite versatile as an artist, capturing both the cuteness of sweet baby animals as well as the frightening and fantasy quality of dragons and warriors. 

"Okan Bülbül was born in Turkey in 1979. Since childhood, he has loved drawing and painting. He was encouraged by his teachers to attend an art school, but because he was also good at science his parents convinced him that being an engineer would make a better career. He attended a science high school before entering the Mechanical Engineering department. After graduating, he started working as an engineer, but he never gave up on art. He became a self-taught illustrator and has taken many freelance jobs. He has illustrated children’s books, fantasy books, and painted portraits and sceneries, game cards and more. He is married and has an adorable 2 and a half year old daughter. Frank Frazetta and Bobby Chiu (quite different styles, yeah ☺ ) are his biggest idols in art. He usually illustrates digitally, but he loves to use traditional media, too. Apart from portraits of his daughter and his wife, he loves drawing cute animals the most."

Interested in working with Okan Bulbul? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! And also be sure to check out his online Advocate artist portfolio for more!