Artist Feature - Fredrik Swahn Dec 14 2017

Meet the artists

Just in time for the holiday season, we are happy to announce that illustrator, Fredrik Swahn has recently joined the ranks of great artists at Advocate!  If you've visited our website and social media pages recently, you may have noticed Fredrik's gorgeous Christmas inspired illustration adoring the banner. His jolly Santa illustrations are absolutely fantastic for traditional Christmas cards, gift wrap, and gift bagsFredrik's illustrations give off an iridescent glow, really lending to the magic of Christmas and encompassing the holiday spirit. 

Interested in commissioning Fredrik? Don't be shy - we are happy to help! And be sure to check out more fantastic work on Fredrik's Advocate artist portfolio!

"Fredrik is a freelance artist based in the idyllic port town of Vaxholm in Sweden. He is passionate about nature and good stories. His fascination for classical oil painting together with the joy of reading comic books like Tintin, Donald Duck and Lucky Luke during his childhood has formed the base of his illustration style. Often his work includes elements of surprise, inviting the viewer to discover hidden, humorous details in the illustrations. 

He likes to travel with a sketchbook to study people and environments. Fredrik is fascinated by human psychology and the ability to depict inner emotional life in different characters through gestures and body shapes.

Fredrik has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and is classically trained in oil painting. He has won a number of awards for his art including a Gold medal in the Swedish Design Awards."