Jumanji Board Game Jan 28 2018

Samples and spotted

For all you Jumanji lovers out there, all your dreams have finally come true with this brand new Jumanji board game produced by Cardinal Industries!  This fun and adventurous game, illustrated by our fantastic artist, Martin Bustamante, is available just in time to coincide with the film - now in theatres! Just about anything from natural disasters, stampedes, plagues and more can arise at any moment.  And it's not a game for the faint of heart, so bring your courage and your smarts! The brilliant illustrations featured in this board game will leave you frightened! After all, it's "A Game For Those Who Seek To Find...A Way To Leave Their World Behind."

Martin Bustamante is an illustrator and painter from Argentina. At the age of 3 he was able to draw a horse "starting by the tail", as his mother always says. As a teenager, he found in movies like Star Wars and books from Prince Valiant to Harold Foster, new and fascinating worlds full of colors, shapes and atmospheres that became his inspiration for drawing. At that moment, drawing and painting are his passions. He started working as a professional illustrator and has worked for several editorials and magazines, from Argentina to the USA to Europe.

To see more fantastic illustration work by Martin Bustamante, be sure to check out his online Advocate artist portfolio.

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