Pan Macmillan - You're Called What?! Jul 13 2018

One of our very talented and creative artists, Nikki Dyson, has just completed an exciting book project with Pan Macmillan! The idea for the story was generated in a creative meeting between the two amazing brains of Nikki Dyson and Kes Gray. Macmillan said "we love the amazing illustrations Nikki has created really bringing Kes's story to life!"
Nikki's whimsical characters and quirky illustrative style make her a fabulous artist for children's publishing.

We asked Nikki to give a statement about the project, and how she started working on it:

"The idea for You’re Called What?! came from when Kes asked me what I liked to draw and I remember seeing a blue footed booby on the tv or something and so I jokingly said I’d like to draw a Blue footed booby!! Haha, so Kes being the genius that he is, came up with this hilarious story and it went from there! My favourite animal to draw was the blobfish, he does make me chuckle whenever I see his miserable face!! "

Nikki Dyson was discovered by our fabulous team of illustration agents at our illustration agency! If you have a project in mind for Nikki Dyson or one of our other wonderful illustrators, be sure to reach out to one of our agents!