Lizzie Walkley for Jellycat Jul 16 2018

At Advocate, we strive to have great, long-lasting, solid relationships, not just with our clients, but with our artists too, and we love seeing how happy everyone is at the end of a big project. We've recently been talking Lizzie Walkley, one of our very talented, creative and amazing illustrators, whose been working with Jellycat for quite a while now on a number of book projects, and we wanted to get to know what it's like working for our clients. Lizzie's style and colour palette makes her a great artist for both Art Licensing and Book Publishing. Her work can be found on greetings card designs and wall art, as well as children's books for readers aged 0-5. Here's what she had to say about Jellycat:

"The best thing about working for Jellycat is how happy my 7 year old is when she gets to take a book I've illustrated or a toy I've helped design in to school for show and tell.  She is so proud of me and that is lovely.  My work desk is in the corner of my living room (my studio was commandeered as a bedroom by my second daughter who was born last year) and therefor my children get to see me work, from rough concept sketches to product designing and full page artworks.  I think it's great that they get such a great insight into what I do, especially as it's so visual.  It is sometimes tricky though when you have a baby trying to climb onto your desk or the other wanting to watch Netflix on the corner of your screen while your working! 

I began at Jellycat by coming up with concept drawing for soft toys, and now a few years in there are quite a few toys I've had a hand in designing.  It's great to get the samples through of these, we have so many soft toys now, it's wonderful. 

The first book I illustrated for Jelly cat was Mattie's Twirly Whirly tail, and like all their books, is based around a Jellycat soft toy. I really enjoyed working on this and since then the illustrations have also made their way on to puzzles and cups and plates.

Jellycat also gave me the opportunity to write some of the books too, something I've always wanted to do and I now have three under my belt.  'Cyril's big adventure' is about a sloth who wants to try life living in the city but he soon realises life in the fast lane isn't always what it's made out to be.  'Little fox' is a simple baby book with big bold illustrations, and my third is one due out in the spring about a Flamingo that gets obsessed with getting as pink as she can!

I have also spent time developing printed product for baby wear and melamine crockery sets, glasses cases, notebooks etc.  It's been really interesting to work in so many different areas and the team at Jelly cat are really great to work with.  I was already a big fan of their toys and now seeing how they work on the inside I have a lot of respect for them, they never tire of being creative and always striving for the best in both the design and quality of their product." 

Lizzie Walkley was discovered by our fabulous team of illustration agents at our illustration agency! If you have a project in mind for Lizzie Walkley or one of our other wonderful illustrators, be sure to reach out to one of our agents!