Fly on the Wall - Our agents visit Bath! Oct 05 2018


At Advocate, our agents love to get out and about, meeting all of our different licensing and publishing clients. It's a great way for us to see what they're up to, what's trending, what they're looking for, and most importantly, it's a great way for us to show off all of the great available artists and artwork we have to offer!

This week, our wonderful agents, Bhavi and Yasmin, visited the beautiful town of Bath to meet with a couple of our children's publishing clients, as well as some of our licensing clients whose products range from Greetings Cards, stationery, notebooks, calendars, pattern designs for wrap and loads more exciting licensing products!

With everyone still gearing up for Christmas too, some hot favourites which our clients picked out were Lisa Alderson, new artist Jacqueline Stanhope, Pimlada PhuapraditMichael Cheung and Mikki Butterley. If you'd like to see some of our new Christmas designs, or work by any of our other creative illustrators, take a look at their online portfolios.

We asked our agents what they enjoy the most about going on trips across the country, have a read below and scroll through the images! 

"I love getting out and about meeting my clients, as it's a great way for me to see what they have coming up, and it helps build great relationships with them. It's also a nice treat to be out of the office and visiting places I've not been to before."
- Bhavi

"It's always great to get out of the office and turn those email conversations into real ones! I enjoy developing relationships with my clients and building the dialogue between us as we find them the perfect artist for their exciting and diverse projects!"
- Yasmin

If you have an upcoming project coming up, and you think any of our illustrators would be great for, be sure to reach out to one of our agents