New Market Trends - Katie Abey Oct 16 2018

Licensing Trends
Here at Advocate, our agents are always keeping up to date on the latest market trends - whether it's for greeting cards, stationery, ceramics, patterns, wall art, publishing, characters, and more! But we also love getting to know how our artists keep up with these trends too, and how it reflects in their work. This week, we asked our very talented, creative illustrator Katie Abey how she keeps an eye out for the next "it" thing.

Katie's quirky style, fun characters, vibrant colours and humorous puns have made her popular illustrator for greetings cards for everyday occasions, as well as children's publishing, especially for our young readers aged 0-5. If you'd like to see more of Katie's wonderful illustrations, check out her online Advocate portfolio! Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with one of our agents if you have an upcoming project that you think she'd be great for. 

1). What are your main sources of inspiration?
The brains of my strange friends provide inspiration. I also find it really useful to eat cheese before bed to have some really crazy dreams!

2). Where do you look for upcoming trends?
Etsy can be a really inspiring place to look for upcoming trends as there are so many amazing small businesses and artists on there.

3). What do you think will be the next big colour of the year?
Hopefully yellow and then my hair can be fashionable! 

4). We've had llamas, hedgehogs, and sloths, but what do you think will be the next trending animal?
I really hope that it is armadillos. I feel like they have so much to give as a weird animal.

5). What is your studio space like? Are you more of a morning worker or a night owl? How do you decorate your studio walls?
My studio space is an explosion of COLOUR and THINGS. It is very hectic and I love having loads of strange stuff to look at to keep my brain whirring

6). What has been you're favourite trending animal thus far?
I love Llamas so I am so happy to see them everywhere. I had Llama-trekking as the activity for my hen do and I fell in love with my Llama. His name is Bertie and I have since ended up sponsoring him and been back to visit him. He was a bit anxious and I saw a lot of myself in him.

7). Do you feel that certain trends take off in different parts of the world?
It is so strange how different parts of the world have different trends. I'm now imagining an armadillo not making it as 'trendy' over here in the UK and packing his bags to see is he can 'make it' over seas!

Katie Abey was founded by our team of illustration agents based at our UK and USA agencies. If you have an upcoming project that you think one of our talented illustrators would be great for, be sure to reach out to an agent today.