Throwback Thursday! - Charlotte Pepper Nov 08 2018

Samples and spotted

How time flies?! Throwback Thursday is back once again and this week, We’re getting to know the wonderful Charlotte Pepper, who has been with Advocate-Art since 2016. Charlotte's natural and fluid patterns, vibrant textures, layers, line work and mark making have made her a very sought after artist over the years for greetings cards, stationary and ceramics and many other licensing! Her diverse approach has been suitable for all birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines and much more! 

We asked Charlotte to go back in time and remember her first experiences when she joined our agency. Have a read through our Q&A with her and scroll through the above images. If you’d like to see more of Charlottes work, you can do so via her online portfolio. Advocate Art represents a number of great available artists and artwork, so if you’re on the hunt for your next illustrator, take a look at our artists and reach out to an agent!

1) What was the first image you sent to Advocate, and was there a story behind it?

“Lemon Tree”-This is still one of my favourite pieces as it marked the start of a very new and exciting change of direction in my design career.

2) Who was the first Agent to sell one of your designs, what design was it and who was it to?

Natasha was the first agent to sell one of my designs...well it turned out to be a set of 4!! I remember getting the email to say that WHS wanted these Christmas characters (and I might have done a little dance of joy!)

3) Who was your first live commission from, who was the client and what was the project? 

My first live commission was from WHS, to create a set of 4 Christmas cards based on this dove design which I had in my online folio. I loved this project!

4) When was the first time you knew you wanted to be an Illustrator ?

Part 1:

There were a few moments growing up that I knew I wanted to be an illustrator...the first was when I entered a colouring competition on my 6th Birthday, to colour in a picture of Postman Pat! And I won 1st prize!!....and in the letter they said they particularly liked the pattern I had drawn on Jess’s bowl! I won a Postman Pat activity book, which I still have now!

Part 2:

In Primary school I entered a colouring competition in which you had to draw what you imagined to be erupting from the snowy mountain, and I won!  Although the prize wasn’t very umbrella with a handle shaped like a duck, I was very proud of this artwork! Just for the record..this artwork is STILL available for license!!!

5) What was the first sample you received with your designs on - do you have a picture of it and tell us about the project? 

The first samples I received in the post were these everyday occasions cards for Paper Rose, which formed part of the range called ZOOHAHA! I was over the moon with the quality of the board and print.

6) When was first time you were proud of a piece of artwork, what was it and why?

It was more a whole project than a single piece of work. It was quite early on after joining Advocate, and I received a commission to work on a 32 page colouring book called Dia de los Muertos. The timescale was very tight...just 2 weeks...except I misunderstood the email, and thought I had 2 weeks to complete the sample piece, so it was half way through the schedule before I realised! I didn’t sleep much that week, I was literally drawing non stop, and I even dreamt some designs while sleeping! It’s ironic that the title translates to mean Day of the Dead, as this project almost killed me!! The sense of relief and satisfaction once it was completed however, was immense!

7) Back to the Present - what are you working on now?

Here’s a selection of work I’ve been developing recently. I love switching from one technique to another and the variety of subject matter involved! It’s never boring!

Charlotte Pepper was founded by our team of illustration agents, based at our UK and USA illustration agencies. If you think any of our other illustrators would perfect for an upcoming project you have, be sure to get in touch with one of our agents.