Meet our new Advocate agent - Yasmin! Nov 12 2018

Meet the agents

Advocate Art are excited to welcome another new and talented artist agent into the Advocate family, allowing us to grow and expand as an agency! Yasmin who works in our UK office, has previously worked in marketing, arts and education in both London and Barcelona! Yasmin is particularly excited to work within children’s book publishing due to her time within the education industry. 

Want to get to know Yasmin better? We did a short Q&A with her to find out more:

Why did you become an Illustration agent?

I have always tried to combine my love of art and literature. A total bookworm at school meant I was never without a reading book or a sketchbook! I was awarded a Fine Art Scholarship and went on to study English Language and Literature at Nottingham University. Seeing how special children’s publishing and illustration can be made me want to look for a career within the industry.  I love how as an agent you get to be the connecting link on lots of different incredible projects.

What do you love most about the role?

So far I have loved meeting the range of clients that we work with and seeing the ever-developing portfolios of our talented artists! I love the creative and collaborative process of taking something from brief to publishing – knowing what a wonderful impact it can have on the world!

What do you love about Advocate's Illustrators?

All the styles, textures and colours! Here at Advocate there’s such a range of talented artists and we regularly update our artist’s portfolios, which means we’ve always got something exciting and new to look at!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Having lived abroad and by the sea I’m always trying to get outdoors and by, on or in water! I’m also addicted to the mountains and go skiing and snowboarding when I can. I try and take a sketchbook wherever I go and when I really need to relax I like to do some detailed pen drawings – it’s my own form of meditation!

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